Mount Isa Veterinary Surgery offers a complete range of veterinary services for small, companion animals. Our modern and comprehensive equipment and continuous training allow us to provide your pet with the best medical care and diagnostic testing. We also offer a cremation service for your beloved pet if required.

For queries or in the case of emergency, please call our practice on 07 4743 2955.


During a consultation, our veterinarian will conduct a physical examination of your pet and after discussion, will perform any further investigations necessary to confirm a diagnosis.

Our veterinarians regularly attend conferences in order to stay up-to-date with modern treatment methods and will be happy to address any of your concerns as well as offer advice on preventative medicine and parasite control.


Our well-equipped small animal surgery allows our vets to perform a wide range of general surgical procedures, which include desexing (routine and non-routine), dental surgery, wound stitch-ups and soft tissue surgeries (removal of lumps and growths).

We offer surgery for oncological (cancer) and orthopaedic (musculoskeletal) conditions as well as trauma injuries including those caused by motor vehicle accidents or dog fights. All surgical procedures are undertaken at our practice with the utmost care.


General anaesthesia is administered using either intravenous injections or oxygen and Isoflurane. Your pet is intubated to allow the gaseous drug and oxygen to be delivered, so that surgery can be performed. Our veterinarians and nursing staff are experienced in anaesthetic techniques and ensure your pet's heart, respiration rates and oxygen levels are monitored both by electronic monitors and manually.


Our Mount Isa practice is equipped with a high capacity x-ray machine, automatic processor, endoscope and ultrasound, microscope, haematology and biochemistry analysers to enable us to provide accurate diagnosis of your pets illness.

Specialist Referrals

Our experienced veterinarians recognise when an animal requires specialist help. We have relationships with specialist centres and veterinary laboratories throughout Mount Isa, and will provide you with a referral in the event that your pet requires further treatment.


Our veterinarians at Mount Isa Veterinary Surgery are experienced in both diagnosis and treatment of orthopaedic conditions. We have highly specialised orthopaedic surgical equipment, a large selection of implants and we have installed a modern cruciate ligament repair system.

We routinely operate on fractures and perform corrective surgery for luxating patella, cruciate rupture and hip surgeries, with excellent results.


Just like humans, your pet's teeth also need looking after. At Mount Isa Veterinary Surgery we provide dental checks for signs of dental or gum disease. When necessary, we can descale and polish your pet's teeth to remove plaque. With regular cleaning the need for extractions can be prevented. We have specialised toothpaste, brushes and oral antiseptics you may use at home after we have performed the procedure.


Veterinary ophthalmology deals with the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of ocular diseases in animals, some of which can lead to blindness. Our veterinarians provide ophthalmic examinations, diagnostic testing, eyelid repair and reconstruction as well as surgical removal of ingrown eyelashes, which can cause discomfort including eye ulcerations.


A microchip is a small, uniquely coded electronic identification device. At Mount Isa Veterinary Surgery we use the latest mini microchips which are about the size of a grain of rice and can be inserted under your pet's skin in a quick, easy and safe procedure during a normal consultation.

In the event that your pet becomes lost and is brought to a veterinary clinic or animal shelter, the microchip will allow you to be reunited.

A national registry keeps a record of your details and your pet's. It is important you keep the company updated if you should move address or change phone numbers, so they may locate you if necessary.


Mount Isa Veterinary Surgery has approval to hospitalise patients overnight, so there is no compromise in your pet's recovery. We have two banks of stainless steel cages which are easily cleaned. Our staff will ensure your pet has bedding for comfort and will monitor your pet until discharge.


Along with a range of premium dog and cat foods, we stock a wide range of pet care products such as flea and tick control, worming and heartworm medications, shampoos, collars and leads. We can obtain most items overnight, from our Townsville supplier. We only stock products from leading brands including foods from:

  • Eukanuba
  • Hill's Pet Nutrition
  • Hill's Science Diet
  • Royal Canin
  • Wombaroo (rearing & orphan foods), and
  • Fort Dodge (vaccines)
  • Orthomed (surgical implants)

Corner Ryan Road & Barnes Street, Mount Isa, QLD 4825